SiliconCore launches 1.2mm LED display

SiliconCore is to launch its highest resolution LED display, Lavender 1.2mm, at Infocomm MEA in Dubai. The company already has 1.9mm (called Orchid) and 1.5mm (Magnolia) LED products out in the market.

The screen is capable of full HD resolution on a screen just 110in in size.

Eric Li, President and CEO of SiliconCore said: "With a close proximity viewing distance of less than one metre, LED is now operating in the same space as existing large format display technologies. The display also comes with the additional benefit of being scalable for any size or shape application and due to the nature of LED is truly seamless.  The clarity, uniformity and viewing angle are other market leading benefits that now new markets can use for comfortable large screen viewing.”

SiliconCore has developed a new way to drive the LEDs using Common Cathode Technology, replacing the traditional Common Anode approach. The Common Cathode Technology design is a much more efficient at generating a given brightness for a given amount of power, ensuring that less power is wasted as heat, reducing power consumption and increasing the lifespan of the display.

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