Silent Seminars launches live audio mobile app

Silent Seminars has debuted its mobile app which allows audiences to listen to live audio using headsets, accessing audio of the user’s choice at live events.

Users can harness their own headsets to listen to live content, downloading the app from either the Apple or Google Play stores to connect to content via smart phone devices.

Users can define which seminar to listen to, pressing play to access live events that would traditionally be heard over loduspeakers through Silent Seminar’s headsets. 

The app was developed in response to hygience and infection control issues brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, with the app able to stream in a scalable amount of theatres and in multiple languages. 

The app can also be used in conference and exhibition arenas as well as a variety of other use cases including fitness classes, cinemas, tour guides and film screenings. 

Each event has its own tab, accessible via a password which is distributed by organisers, with customisation options for event information, branding and sponsorship able to be included in the individual event tab.

Email addresses, names and numbers can also be captured and encrypted, with a tablet and separate broadcaster app provided for technicians delivering audio. 

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