Signagelive software update boosts language options

Signagelive has unveiled software tools that let digital signage network operators work in the language of their choice and across any browser or mainstream operating system.

Using language packs, signagelive users can choose their native language in the web browser settings and then have the full content management system delivered in the selected native tongue.

Signagelive now has full cross-browser and operating system support.

The recent release also upgrades signagelive’s Layout Creator to a fully functional Layout Designer with professional-class photo editing suites. Layout Designer also includes template layouts, a library of background images, and enhancements for handling and presenting fonts and RSS feeds.

Interactive features have also been added or enhanced. Designing locally triggered interrupts to media playback (for example, from touch screens or mechanical buttons) has been simplified. A new QR code widget has been added, allowing network operators to build the 2D bar codes into screen layouts and encourage mobile phone users to scan the codes for offers or further information. signagelive has also developed its own tools for visualizing social media feeds from platforms such as Twitter and Foursquare.

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