Signagelive removes barriers to live TV with PCI Express

Signagelive has partnered with PCI Express to deliver live TV to Signagelive networks, allowing network owners to display breaking news or sporting events.

The combination of Easystream by PCI Express and Signagelive allows management and distribution of live content. EasyStream is an IPTV gateway for streaming terrestrial (DVBT) or satellite (DVBS) TV channels over an IP network. PCI Express is available in the Signagelive Marketplace.

It has always been possible to use IPTV on the Signagelive network but the company says EasyStream removes cost and set up barriers. 

Easystream servers come with Signagelive integration as standard. The integration allows playlist synchronisation containing all configured Easystream channels with a Signagelive network. 

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