Signagelive releases Secure Dashboards

Signagelive has announced the launch of Secure Dashboards, a flexible enterprise-grade system for organisations to share data securely and at scale.

Designed to support most business intelligence platforms from Microsoft Power BI to Tableau and Sisense, it allows for the secure display of password-protected BI dashboards on workplace screens. The solution, with its Smart Login feature, is also made for speed and scalability, enabling multiple dashboards to be accessed using a single password.

Secure Dashboards safely displays any on-screen dashboards, without exposing login credentials, or making data publicly available on open URLs. To keep login credentials safe, it stores them and then accesses them from a protected Secure Manager environment. All the data is also safely stored in the cloud from where Secure Dashboards works to take snapshots of the relevant dashboards and display them in near real-time. 

As an additional security measure, the Data Sync Services application also checks to ensure that every player that receives images is approved to do so.

If login credentials are forgotten, it ensures that they only ever have to be updated once, rather than for every individual dashboard.

A scalable solution, which brings businesses more flexibility, Secure Dashboards also enables data visualisations to be refreshed as often as required, from intervals of five minutes through to one hour, or alternatively at specific times of day.

Full-screen data dashboards can be created and displayed for the benefit of individual departments, enabling teams to track sales figures against expected targets, or monitor and optimise the impact of digital marketing campaigns in real time.

Alternatively, to give employees a “big picture” overview of the company performance, several department dashboards can be shared on the screen through a multi-zone digital signage layout. 

Creating playlists to cycle through additional visualisations of the most important data enables staff to find further actionable insights.

Whether it is to display data dashboards directly on screens, or to embed them in work tools, such as Slack, Secure Dashboards highlights a single source of truth to help businesses work cohesively and make better data-driven decisions.

Available now, Secure Dashboards has been incorporated as part of a series of value-added Signagelive licence packages, which includes an entry level tier for ten players with a maximum display limit of five dashboards.

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