Signagelive offers Seenspire infotainment through marketplace

Signagelive is offering Seenspire infotainment via its Marketplace to provide its customers and partners with a fixed cost content solution.

The Seenspire offering has a pay-per-screen pricing plan and provides Signagelive partners and customers unlimited access to a cloud-based content library of more than content feeds. Signagelive is also offering flexible access to Seenspire’s infotainment and social media services. 

Samuel Mekonen, director of Seenspire, said: “Our customers are battling for audience’s attention. Access to automated, fresh digital signage content is essential. This is automated content done in a brand-new way, with a pay-per-screen, not pay-per-feed, plan that helps our clients manage costs for their growing signage network – whether for five or 500 screens.”

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