Signagelive adds support for Philips Android OS displays

Signagelive is partnering with Philips Professional Display Solutions to develop support for its range of Android powered SoC Philips Displays, which will be launched at Digital Signage Expo 2017 (28-30 March in Las Vegas).

Philips Android OS product range began with the Full HD, D-Line display, which has been followed by more of the company’s range recently moving to the OS.

In addition to the Android OS, D-Line is a Dual SOC model with dedicated chips for the operation of the display and for managing and playing content.
To deliver Philips PDS’ Android powered display support, Signagelive has developed an optimised Android version of its HTML5 based media player, which is in used daily by 1,700+ digital signage networks worldwide.

Philips PDS’ Android SoC Displays partnered with Signagelive are compatible with the recently launched Signagelive Marketplace, which includes 500+ plus pre-built digital signage pieces of content.

Built to deliver the editable content templates in the Signagelive Marketplace, the Signagelive Widget Development Framework enables resellers, developers and customers to build and publish custom HTML5 content and interactive experiences for Philips PDS’ Android OS Displays.

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