SignageLive launches free broadcast player for remote working

SignageLive has released its Signagelive Broadcast Player, free to use until 30 June 2020. The player is designed to allow organisations to create and manage digital messages, broadcasting them to laptops, tablets and mobile phones within their organisation.

The player, available on a dedicated web page, includes a video explaining how the system works and a form to request a free licence, allowing full-screen playlists or multi-zone layouts to be created and published to a weblink. 

The weblink can be shared with a team, allowing individual users to view the content on a variety of devices. Updates to the content are automatically updated and displayed to viewers who have the weblink shared with them. 

COVID-19 related content feeds produced by SignageLive’s partner, Seenspire have been added , updating automatically as information and updates from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and official sources are made available. 

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