Sierra Video adds two multi-viewers to product line

Sierra Video has added the SV-MV-QUAD and SV-SM-XX multi-viewers and support products to its product offering.

The products offer HD-SDI, SDI, and DVI-I video multi-viewing with display customisation and audio metering in a 1RU frame. Designed for small broadcast and professional AV applications, the products are suited to OB vans, editing suites, master control or digital playout facilities. The line has also been expanded to include the AM-xx2 and DATA-xx audio metering and alarm devices.

SV-MV-QUAD and SV-SM-XX allow multiple video channels, audio channels, audio meters, clocks and data to be integrated into a single display, or to be distributed and integrated among several displays. SM-MV-QUAD is a four input multi-viewer with remote or local control panel options. SV-MV-XX comes in 8, 12, or 16 input options with local control panel standard. The products handle most video formats up to HD 1080p, 3Gbps. BNC and DVI-I connectors on the rear panel handle all video inputs. DVI-I outputs feed up to 1080p50/p60 (1920x1080) in 16:9.

SV-MV-QUAD and SV-SM-XX accept embedded or external analogue or AES/EBU audio. Bargraphs displaying scales/ballistics or loudness may be superimposed on the video, placed outside of the video or displayed in a dedicated tile. SV-MV-QUAD and SV-SM-XX provide alarms for video, audio and metadata with outputs to tallies, GPIs/GPOs, LAN and SNMP traps, allowing connection of the multi-viewer with external monitoring systems.

AM-xx2 and DATA-xx audio support products for the SierraView family convert analogue or AES digital audio (up to 64 channels) into data for a bargraph display. It may be sent to a multi-viewer, made available on a LAN for remote multi-channel level monitoring, or utilised in any application where audio level indication and alarm functionality is required.

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