Shure updates Wireless Workbench system control software

Shure was at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas to launch version 6.12 of its Wireless Workbench system control software, designed to offer users increased management of wireless system performance over the network.

Shure has created a new logging utility designed to capture channel status information over time. Information recorded includes RF Level, Antenna Status, Audio Level, Interference, ShowLink, and Battery Level.

Version 6.12 also includes a new set of frequency coordination enhancements, designed to provide more flexibility and power to users coordinating high-channel counts.

Connecting to devices from a remote location will now be supported with version 6.12.
With this update, Wireless Workbench 6 can connect to devices outside of a local network. Suitable for environments where devices are managed in separate subnets – separate VLANs, floors of an office building, venues in a park – the feature extends monitoring and control functionality beyond the local network.

Wireless Workbench Version 6.12 will be available for download this summer at this web address.

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