Shure updates Stem ecosystem firmware with v2.6-2.8 releases

Shure has updated its Stem ecosystem firmware, with updates including API for third-party control and more.

The updates are designed to provide integrators and IT professionals with an improved customer experience that translates towards streamlined integration and improved customisation.

The ecosystem includes improved mute sync capabilities, link-local functionality, and improvements to RoomDesign and volume control.

Stem now features link-local functionality to enable audio devices to work on an isolated network without a DHCP server, adding support with API for third-party control to remotely monitor room and device status with control over volume and mute functions.

Stem also features updated Mute Sync functionality with codecs such as Microsoft Teams.

Firmware v2.6 adds Steam Speaker, updated device icons and a new view to RoomDesign, displaying speaker coverage for all devices selected in RoomDesign.

An improved firmware upgrade through HTML on the organisation settings window, with improved network device discovery on large corporate networks and a fix for some devices experiencing an inability to factory reset.

Firmware v2.7 introduces Link-Local IP address functionality to allow Stem audio devices to work on an isolated network without a DHCP server, adding volume and mute controls on the SIP Dialer screen.

Firmware v2.8 enables API for control of volume and mute as well as remote monitoring of room status, device status, and the ability to query the system for room name, device serial number and call status.

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