Shure introduces Microflex Advance MXA901 ceiling array microphone

Shure has launched its Microflex Advance MXA901 conferencing ceiling array microphone, available in black, white and aluminium finishes.

The MXA901 is part of the Microflex ecosystem, featuring a 34cm diameter round form factor. Six accessory mounts are included for compatibility with most ceiling types and can be scalable from small to large meeting spaces with one or more arrays.

The microphone is designed with single zone automatic coverage technology, covering a 20-inx20-in space while enabling users to automatically capture the talkers without background noise.

Shure’s IntelliMix DSP includes automatic gain control, acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction and automatic mixing.

The MXA901 is also certified for use with Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms.

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