Shure demonstrates ceiling array microphone with IntelliMix DSP at GITEX 2019

Shure showcased its Microflex Advance MXA910 ceiling array microphone with IntelliMix DSP, with the DSP being comprised of acoustic echo cancellation, noise reduction and automatic mixing.

Shure showed the MXA910 ceiling array microphone in two separate rooms at GITEX 2019, with one room dedicated to camera tracking demonstrating, with the other integrating Zoom technology with the MXA910. 

Autofocus technology is also included, which finetunes the position of each lobe in real time, with the MXA910 also including simplified templates and designer software capabilities.  

The microphone can connect directly to a hardware or software codec using the embedded DSP, with multiple MXA910 ceiling microphones able to be incorporated with the Shure IntelliMix P300 audio conferencing processor. 

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