Shure brings acoustic updates to Stem ecosystem

Shure has released its Firmware v2.5 update for its Stem ecosystem, improving the setup experience and enabling improvements to acoustic and audio quality elements.

The Stem ecosystem includes improvements to ceiling array sensisiivity and sound quality to improve pickup of voices and improved rejection of room noise and reverberation. 

The pickup pattern has also been readjusted to match customer selection for narrow, medium and wide beams. 

The Stem Wall has also seen its playback speaker levels and tone adjusted for improved reproduction of speech and other program material, resulting in clearer calls. The microphone array has also been tuned for improved tonality and voice pickup. 

The woofer of the Steam Speaker has been calibrated with new tweeter levels, receiving improved crossover frequency. 

Device output level has been balanced with the rest of the ecosystem for even coverage in rooms with multiple Stem audio components. 

The Stem Table has new improvements on its echo canceller, providing improved double-talk performance for heightened interaction between conference sites. 

System sounds, such as the level of the push-button chime, have also been reduced. 

All Stem ecosystem devices connected to a network with internet access will receive the update automatically. 


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