Sharp/NEC introduce 27-in docking hub desktop displays

Sharp/NEC has introduced two Sharp-branded, 27-in docking hub desktop displays for corporate offices and home-office environments.

The 27-in monitor models, the Sharp MultiSync EA272Q and Sharp MultiSync EA272U are designed for corporate offices, home-office scenarios, as well as control room applications.

The Sharp MultiSync EA272Q (QuadHD) and the Sharp MultiSync EA272U (UltraUHD), coupled with 27-in active screen area can create expansive digital canvases, with users able to extend to a multi-screen configuration with ultra-narrow bezel and DisplayPort OUT daisy-chain.

Both models feature 90W USB Type-C connectivity and embedded LAN, including a single cable to connect notebook/PC to the display.

Sensor technology can also be enabled to automatically reduce brightness or power down as appropriate to usage scenarios, achieving energy savings of up to 30%.

The displays feature a 150mm height adjustable stand, providing quick adjustment options to suit individual user requirements, whilst low-blue light and flicker-free technologies are also included.

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