Sharp/NEC and Hiperwall update Hiperwall software for control rooms

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe has partnered with Hiperwall to introduce Hiperwall 8.0: Combining Hiperwall’s software with Sharp/NEC introducing the new software through its channel partner network.

Hiperwall 8.0 is designed to unlock features to improve content integrity, system performance and content sharing. The software enables designing and operating of visual canvases such as LEDs or videowall systems, with the update adding videowall zone control, high frame rate 4K content support and simplified content sharing between systems.

The update allows administrators to use zone control and permissions, defining multiple access-controlled zones on a single videowall which turns one videowall into a group of several smaller videowall areas. This can be combined with a HiperOperator license, enabling users to remotely access and share content to assigned zones from a Windows PC or tablet. Admins with full permissions can access all areas, move objects between them and take over the entire videowall when needed.

The software also adds HiperCast Pull, a feature that simplifies HiperCast configurations to share content between an organisation’s various Hiperwall-powered videowalls without network or server changes.

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