Sharp/NEC adds 120-in 8K display with Intel SDM at ISE 2022

Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe has presented the Sharp 120-in 8K display, powered by the Intel Smart Display Module (SDM) compute module at ISE 2022.

The Intel SDM prototype showcased at ISE also supports 5G network usage, the next key technology to drive new business. 5G network support makes Intel SDM devices suitable for IoT applications.

“The Intel SDM slot is the single most important standard for modular computing. It is a forward looking solution and presents customers with the perfect combination of best in class display technologies and modular as well as embedded computing devices from Intel. This is the reason why Sharp/NEC already has the biggest lineup of displays with an Intel SDM slot and why we plan on also equipping all the other professional Sharp/NEC monitors with the Intel SDM slot”, said Erik Elbert, senior product manager LFD and computing technologies, Sharp NEC Display Solutions Europe. 

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