Sharp unveils 55-in videowall panel

Sharp Europe has announced that its PN-V551 Full-HD 55-in LCD videowall display is available to buy across Europe.

The PN-V551 monitor is the first to include Sharp's 'Uniform Colour Calibration Technology' (UCCT) and to benefit from calibration at the factory.

Sharp’s factory calibration process corrects common issues affecting LCD panels, such as brightness and colour uniformity varying within a display. This reduces the appearance of irregular dark spots or patches, known as ‘Mura’.

Sharp’s two-stage calibration process takes place on the production line, where a 3D 'pixel to pixel' Mura correction is made with Sharp's UCCT technology. This uses lab methodology to emulate human vision, and calculates the chromatic, hue and luminance corrections required on each monitor.

Using a combination of several separate Look-Up Tables, this correction data is stored and applied directly to the monitors in order to achieve a uniform white point temperature and consistent colours across each display, regardless of input signal. Then a separate colour calibration process ensures that all monitors are accurately adjusted to a common colour temperature.

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