Sharp launches software to link up BIG PADs

Sharp Europe has launched software to join together up to three 80-in BIG PAD Pros, to create one large interactive videowall.

The ‘Advanced Multi-Board’ set-up, with three BIG PADs side-by-side, creates a surface that is 5.4m wide, enabling six people to work on the display at the same time.

Christopher Parker, Senior Product Manager, Visual Solutions, Sharp Europe, said: "When it comes to brainstorming, collaborating and sharing ideas, bigger is always better. We see the Advanced Multi-Board set-up being really useful in boardrooms, control rooms and university lecture halls, where large amounts of data need to be worked on and shared."

Advanced Multi-Board has been designed to deliver the same experience as using a single BIG PAD Pro. This includes features like Pen Software, which lets users write with a special pen and P-CAP touch, a responsive touch technology, similar to that used in smartphones.

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