Sharp launches RemindMecare software integration

Sharp has announced its partnership with Health-Connected Ltd, an app development company, to integrate Sharp’s Meet Up touch screen table with the RemindMecare software for care providers and those in need of care.

The Meet UP touch screen enabled with RemindMecare software is designed to assist care providers in line with the UK’s Care Quality Commission guidelines. 

The technology allows users to capture each resident’s usage of apps on the table, monitoring the degree of interest and the outcomes of activity. 

The system also stores a resident’s personal information, creating a profile of each person, life story, capturing ‘memories’ through frequently used conversational topics and games, with functionality provided for remote family interactivity. 

The software’s electronic life records data maintains resident profiles that can be used to help carers deliver personalized care, with features for interactive activities including cognitive stimulation, music and discovery-based reminiscence therapies which can be personalized for each resident based on interests recorded in the resident’s profile. 

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