Sharp launches latest range of interactive touchscreen tables

Sharp UK has launched a range of interactive touchscreen tables specifically designed to help employees, school children and older adults in care stay better connected.

Available in three models – the Early Years, Agile, and Flex - the Interactive Touchscreen Table range work in a variety of different environments - from businesses and architecture firms to healthcare and education. 

All models come with a 32-in full HD screen. The intuitive touch display allows for up to 40 simultaneous touch points, making teamwork, learning, or group sessions easy-to-manage. The built-in adjustable camera on the Agile and Flex offers flexibility in different scenarios, and the microphone and speakers, coupled with the integration of Android 10, provide a tool to remain connected.

Each battery equipped version comes with a medical grade power system that fully charges after three hours, delivering up to eight hours of use. Each Touchscreen Table is available as a battery powered or plug-in device that sit on a lightweight stainless-steel frame with easy-lock wheels for stability and mobility. The halo protection system, with its round moulded edges, provide both screen and person protection.

The Early Years Table has been designed for young school children in nurseries, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two schools. The Early Years Table sits at the size mark two – the standard for early years furniture in the UK – and is designed with a full vertical to horizontal tilt display that helps children safely work together as a group, as well as individually. Plus, the table comes with the ability to install educational apps by Yellow Door which cover key areas of the curriculum, whilst the P-CAP touchscreen used across the range is suitable for the development of handwriting and fine motor skills. 

The Agile and Flex Tables are designed to be mobile, and to provide functionality for use in any environment, such as the office, universities or care homes. The display on the Agile Table is fixed at a height suitable for use by office workers, both standing and sitting, and the screen angle can be adjusted between vertical and 54 degrees for added flexibility and optimal viewing. 

The Flex Table comes with electronically controlled height-adjustment and the screen can tilt from vertical to horizontal along 18-degree increments. In care homes or dementia care units, the Agile and Flex Tables can be used in shared spaces or individual resident rooms – providing a platform to connect with other residents as well as families, friends and loved ones. 

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