Sharp launches Big Pad 4K interactive displays

Sharp has released its PN-TH1 Big Pad range of 4K interactive displays with InGlass touch technology with an integrated Android PC, whiteboard and wireless functionality.

The PN-TH1 Big Pad includes a 3840x2160 UHD 4K resolution touchscreen display, optimised for 4K reading.

The InGlass touch technology and on-board Whiteboard app allows users to write on the screen of the PN-TH1 Big Pad with a Sharp touch pen featuring a 4mm or 2mm tip. The user’s finger can also be used to write on the screen.

Gesture support is also included, with 20-point multi-touch capability, allowing multiple users to operate the screen simultaneously.

Any type of PC source with HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA connections and USB for touch connection can be connected, as well as a 4K video content player using the player’s HDMI output.

Sharp 4K 2

The player’s HDMI output’s built-in wireless connectivity can be used to connect to smart Windows or Android mobile devices, with a Mini-OPS slot able to be utilized to extend the Big Pad’s functionality with hardware add-ons.

The PN-TH1 Big Pad can be installed in a variety of ways, including portrait, landscape or a range of tilted angles (0 degrees to 20 degrees or 45 degrees), with a quad-screen collaboration mode to allow up to four people to coordinate work in a split screen configuration and pull in content from four independently connected sources.

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