Sharp launches 70-in LCD videowall panel

Sharp has launched a 70-in LCD videowall display called the PN-V701. It is the latest addition to Sharp’s PN-V range, which is suitable for high end retail projects and transport hubs.

The bigger size of the PN-V701 reduces the number of displays required for a large wall, and therefore the number of bezels (frames) that interrupt a picture.

For example, for a 118-in (3-metres) wall, only three 70-in displays in portrait orientation are required, compared to four 55-in displays in landscape orientation.  The full-HD PN-V701 features Sharp’s UV2A  technology  and  Advanced  UCCT  (Uniform  Colour  Calibration  Technology). 

The calibration technology, unique to Sharp, combats several problems that affect standard videowalls,  by  eliminating  colour  and  brightness  variations  in  each  pixel  to  ensure  perfectly consistent images across the whole display.  

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