Sennheiser releases SpeechLine microphone range for meetings

AUTHOR: Inavate

Sennheiser has introduced the SpeechLine microphone range, designed for teleconferencing, meetings, lectures, presentations and speeches.

Sennheiser's SpeechLine range consists of the MEB, MAT and MAS product lines.

Available with omnidirectional or cardioid characteristics, these microphones are insensitive to RF interference.

The MEB 102/-L and MEB 104/-L boundary layer microphones can be installed into surfaces such as tables or ceiling tiles, while the MEB 114 / -S microphone is suitable for on-table usage such as in audio conferencing systems.

In its -S version, it additionally features a programmable microphone button (PTT, PTM, toggle on/off, permanent on), and a bi-colour LED ring for status indication.

The Sennheiser SpeechLine product range is completed by the MAS 1 microphone button which is powered by the MAS 133 XLR inline switch box for integrated microphone systems. The MAS 113 can control any XLR-connected microphone using switchable microphone modes- PTT, PTM, toggle on/off, permanent on.