Sennheiser presents updated MobileConnect streaming system at ISE 2020

Sennheiser showcased its updated MobileConnect streaming system at the show, allowing for an individual assistive listening capability via a user’s smartphone.

The system allows operators to implement architectures which can be managed from a central location, with the Wi-Fi based MobileConnect system consisting of three components: The MobileConnect Station, MobileConnect Manager software and MobileConnect app. 

The MobileConnect Station, the hardware of the system, collects and converts audio signals into network-compatible, digital packets, featuring two analogue XLR inputs and redundant Dante ports which allow audio to be fed in. 

Two LAN ports are available for control, the audio stream and PoE, allowing two separate networks to be used for the audio stream and administration. 

Audio data goes to access points of the Wi-Fi system via the audio stream output, allowing for remote access on campus.   

The MobileConnect Manager software allows the system to be controlled centrally, with the MobileConnect app allowing audio streams to be optimised and played on a user’s smartphone.
MobileConnect App
The app is compatible with Android or iOS and allows a user’s smartphone to operate as an audio receiver, with the audio stream being accessed via Wi-Fi by entering a corresponding channel number or by scanning a QR code. 

The app’s personal hearing assistant can also adjust the audio signal to tailor to individual user needs, with a waveform animation providing visual feedback on the audio stream. 

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