Sennheiser launches Profile USB microphone for streaming and podcasting

Sennheiser’s Profile USB microphone is now available, a cardioid condenser microphone designed for streaming and podcasting.

The Profile USB allows content creators to focus on content production, available as a table stand version and as the Profile Streaming set which includes a three-point self-locking boom arm.

The microphone uses Sennheiser’s KE 10 condenser capsule, with its cardioid pick-up pattern providing attenuation of sound coming from the rear to keep the streamer’s voice in focus.

?When plugged into a computer or tablet’s USB-C port, the device will automatically recognise the microphone without an additional interface or software.

The microphone includes a no-noise mute button, as well as a gain control for microphone volume, mix control to set the balance between the voice and the computer/tablet audio as well as a volume control for headphone monitoring.

Headphones or earphones can also be connected via a 3.5mm socket at the back of the microphone.

The Profile USB features LED rings to signal the operating status of the microphone, signalling green for ‘ready to use’, yellow for ‘microphone clipping’ and red for ‘mute’.

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