Sennheiser introduces Evolution Wireless Digital system

Sennheiser has launched its Evolution Wireless Digital, an app-based workflow that combines multi-channel capability for UHF and 1G8 microphones.

The system can work as a wireless solution for corporate and education environments, with the app handling planning and guiding users through the set-up process.

The system is comprised of a smart assist app, handling the RF wireless set-up and automatically creating wireless connections. The app provides access to all system settings, with channels able to named for organisation purposes.

Bluetooth low energy also allows for remote access to the system and the app includes tutorial videos to get started.

The system also includes Evolution Wireless Digital transmitters with an input dynamic range of 134 dB, eliminating the need for a sensitivity setting on the transmitter.

A full range of accessories including antennas, antenna splitters, boosters, charging sets and more are also available.

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