Sennheiser and Q-SYS certified for Cisco collaboration devices

Sennheiser’s TCC 2 ceiling microphone and Q-SYS’ Core Nano processor can now be integrated with Cisco’s collaboration devices to create comprehensive meeting systems.

This certification represents the integration of Cisco’s Collaboration Devices with Sennheiser’s TCC 2 and the Q-SYS Core Nano processor, delivering enhanced audio connectivity and intelligent control features for contemporary meeting and learning environments. The Cisco Collaboration Devices serve as the video conferencing engine that brings robust computing power to support a wide range of collaboration scenarios.

Participants using Cisco’s conferencing solutions in a meeting room, lecture hall or collaboration space can experience the superior audio and automatic beamforming capabilities of the TCC 2 with control from Q-SYS and Sennheiser.

Pictured: Sennheiser's TCC 2

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