Sennheiser adds interpreter console to Tourguide range

Sennheiser has expanded its Tourguide conference and presentation system with the addition of the SL Interpreter console.

In combination with the digital Tourguide 2020 receivers (available in both bodypack and stethoset versions), SL Interpreter creates a complete interpreting system.

For more demanding applications, SL Interpreter and Tourguide 1039 bodypack receivers can ensure optimum speech intelligibility, even in environments with heavy RF traffic.

SL Interpreter handles the floor language plus one relay language. If more translations are needed, up to four interpreting consoles can be combined in order to provide simultaneous interpreting in up to four languages.

As usual, two interpreters can work at each SL Interpreter console, which enables them to take turns at interpreting. Each interpreter can individually adjust the audio settings directly at the console. In addition to controls for volume, treble and bass, the new Sennheiser interpreting console has a mute function and “cough” button to briefly mute the microphone.

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