Sedao: ’˜signage player is energy efficient’

Sedao said digital signage applications could benefit from low power consumption for continuous operation with its Swep Micro-Lite Digital Signage Player. It claims a small footprint, simple connectivity and fanless, thermally-cooled operation.

The Swep Micro-Lite package includes digital signage content creation tools, including Image Flyer suite and Swep administration and control software, providing the user with total control of image creation, scheduling and updates locally or remotely as best fits the individual application. ImageFlyer lets users create screen layouts containing unlimited zones of almost any kind of media, including movies and web pages.

Swep Micro-Lite player measures 165 x 50 x 160mm. It runs WindowsXP embedded operating system and supports front and rear USB sockets, RS232, high-speed Gigabyte LAN. It also includes a 1.5GHz VIA C7 processor, 1GB internal RAM, high resolution VGA and audio support and 80GB hard disk to meet future demands.

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