SEADA launches new SD-MV Multivewer models

SEADA has expanded its Multiviewer range with two SD-MV models: The SD-MV-0401 and SD-MV-0901, supporting 4K, HDMI and seamless switching.

The SD-MV-0401 4x1 quad multi-viewer supports four routes HDMI, with input contents able to be displayed on one HDMI screen and one VGA screen simultaneously.

Analogue audio outputs are supported, able to be selected via different input sources, with support for five multi-view display modes.

The SD-MV-0901 9x1 seamless switcher supports nine HDMI inputs and one HDMI output, with users able to view up to nine HD video content streams on one display simultaneously.

Output resolution can also be chosen for supporting legacy displays.

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