Seada launches MS-HBTB66C70 HDBaseT matrix switcher

Seada has introduced the MS-HBTB66C70 HDBaseT matrix switcher kit which offers 4K HDCP 2.2 signals at both input and output ports.

 It can deliver HDMI video, digital/analog audio, IR, PoC and RS232 signals up to length of 70m over a single Cat cable.

The MS-HBTB66C70 also supports an independent built-in audio matrix with 18 audio inputs (including 6 HDMI embedded audio, 6 external audio and 6 ARC audio), and 12 audio outputs (including 6 HDMI embedded audio and 6 direct audio breakouts) making it an 18 x 12 audio matrix switcher.

It also supports volume, mute, delay for lip-sync corrections on all direct audio outputs.

The MS-HBTB66C70 Kit is supplied with 4 units of HDBaseT Receivers.

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