Seada launches motorised foldable monitors

Seada has launched the SC-FZW motorised foldable monitor designed for conference rooms, offices, hotels, schools, control centres, auditoriums and receptions.

The unit can be folded completely flat to the surface of the desk automatically with screen facing up or any degree between 100 to 180 to offer the best screen view angle to users.

SC-FZW comes with two sizes of screens: 15.6-in and 17.3-in as SC15FZW and SC17FZW respectively.

The SC-FZW coming with powder coated and anodized finish provides a soft, silky effect and comes in black or silver finish for customers to choose from.

The standalone SC-FZW unit also has the ability to form a large paperless conference room system with more SC-FZW units or other SEADA conference products daisy chain together.


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