Seada introduces 4K 4x1 multiviewer

Seada has introduced the SD-MV-CM41 multiviewer, designed to display multi video inputs onto one display. It features four HDMI inputs supporting up to 4K and one HDMI output with resolution up to 4K.

It also provides a line input, 1 mix input, 1 SPDIF output and 1 analog output for audio processing. It is flexible and capable of switching, making it suitable for applications such as broadcasting, security, boardroom, TV studio etc.

SD-MV-CM41 multiviewer supports auto scaling to enable images to be sized and positioned anywhere on screen. They support a wide range of creative layouts, including split, side-by-side, picture-in-picture, overlapping windows and even in a solo view for full screen viewing of any single source. It supports up to 16 pre-defined layouts and up to 4 pre-set customised layouts.

The SD-MV-CM41 can be controlled using buttons at the front panel, the remote control, RS232 commands, or the fully featured intuitive web GUI.

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