Seada adds two streaming and recording products

Seada has announced the launch of two streaming and recording products in the Genesis 500 product range.

G501EH/G501ES are the new Genesis AV-over-IP streaming encoders. They can encode 1 HDMI input for up to 1080P using H264/H65 video codecs. G501DH is the Genesis AV-over-IP streaming decoder.

It can decode up to 4 live streams and output them in up to 2×2 multiview with a resolution up to 4k.

G501RH/G502RH are the latest Genesis AV-over-IP streaming encoders/decoders, which offers multiple operation modes including encoding, decoding, transcoding, video mixing and recording of video/audio sources up to 4K using H264/H65 video codecs.

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