Seada adds TapPlay P900 wireless presentation switcher

Seada has announced the launch of its latest BYOM wireless presentation switcher called the TapPlay P900.

The TP-P900 wireless video processor is suitable for expansive display setups that integrate multiple video sources and interactive peripherals for BYOM.  The TP-P900 is compatible with TP-PDH and TP-PDC, HDMI and TYPE-C dongles.

Additionally TapPlay P900 features a 1-channel 4K HDMI input and 2 channels of 4K HDMI outputs. Its Wi-Fi 6 wireless router supports simultaneous connections for up to 16 devices with 3x3 output splicing for screen casting while ensuring concurrent internet access.

Other features include built-in whiteboard and on-screen annotation, it supports reverse control by PC via app and also supports on-screen PPT control.

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