Scene Double announces Draco Tera KVM and DVI matrix switch

Scene Double, UK distributor of IHSE DVI switching and extension solutions, has introduced a 48-port Draco Tera KVM and DVI Matrix Switch.

The Draco Tera system offers digital video and matrix switching of up to 288 ports in a single system.

It is based on multiple Gigabit technology and offers a switching and extension solution that supports DVI video, USB, serial, and analogue or digital audio options.

Many DVI Single-Link resolutions are supported up to 2048 x 1152 pixels, including 1080p. Support for higher resolutions will be added as a future interface option. Tera also supports seamless switching of full-rate SDI video.

The Draco Tera solution offers non-blocking, high-speed video switch to deliver instant millisecond switching between sources and displays. It is suitable for mission-critical control room applications. It can handle complex KVM and video routing installations.

Its chassis interfaces with remote displays over a mixture of fibre or CatX cables through a range of Draco Extender units.

Draco Extenders have been designed to operate within the Draco Tera solution enabling long extension distances over both copper and fibre connections, providing reliable data transmission.

The extenders support DVI-D (single-link) video and USB HID (Human Interface Devices) as standard. Additional interface options include multi-head video, USB 2.0 (transparent), analogue or digital audio and VGA input (DVI-I).

Installation, setup and control of the Draco Tera is carried out by network and serial interfaces to third-party control systems, an OSD and FlexPort technology that allows dynamic configuration of ports.

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