Saville’s announces Archipod

Saville Audio Visual is to distribute a startling new ‘garden office’ concept equipped with the latest videoconferencing technology.

Archipod is a self contained facility, specifically conceived to be efficient, ergonomic and unusual and to complement a garden landscape. Designed as an insulated sphere 3m in diameter, the ‘Pod’ is constructed predominantly from timber, and is insulated to a standard exceeding that of current Building Regulations.
The structure is built from prefabricated sections so that all the parts can be carried through a house and into a back garden. Because of its unique shape and the generous natural light from the roof dome, the ‘Pod’ actually looks and feels bigger on the inside than the outside.
The unit is delivered, installed and equipped as an integrated package, including a state-of-the-art High Definition videoconferencing system. Only an electricity supply and a broadband connection from the house are required and planning permission is not normally necessary.
Saville videoconferencing manager David Willie added: “Stepping into Archipod on a rainy Monday morning is much better than driving across the country for a business meeting!”

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