Savant TrueControl for desktop

Savant has announced TrueControl, a desktop applications for Mac OS X that allows any Apple computer to operate Savant’s SmartSystems automation and control solution.

TrueControl for Mac matches the look and feel of Savant's iOS apps already available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

TrueControl for Mac enables users to easily access and control lighting, temperature, music, movies, security and more from a wide range of Apple devices in a Savant-enabled home or commercial facility.

As with all of Savant's iOS device apps, connectivity and response time is optimised between the TrueControl app for Mac and the native OS X processing that is at the heart of every Savant control system.

The main features of Savant's TrueControl app for Mac include: two-way control of lights, climate, audio, video and more from the Mac desktop; the extension of total home and commercial control to the office without the need for an additional Savant interface; delivery of the same automation and control capabilities that exist on other Savant interfaces; the ability to use existing Mac computers in the classroom or conference room to control the projector, audio, lights and more and configuration using RacePoint Blueprint.

Savant control systems are distributed in the UK by RGB Communications.

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