Sanus revamps MountFinder and HeightFinder

Sanus has revamped its MountFinder and HeightFinder tools to provide assistance for installers when choosing a mount for a display.

No longer simply a list of compatible mounts, the new MountFinder, to be found at, is a selection tool which helps users choose the right mount, and the application in which it will be used.

HeightFinder provides instructions on the mounting position and where to drill the holes for the perfect installation.

As soon as the installer visits the Sanus website and selects MountFinder they are provided with a visual at-a-glance features and benefits chart, explaining the differences between full motion, tilting and fixed mount designs.

The visual guide and new accompanying explanatory videos guide the user to the correct type of mount. Once the type is selected and the make and model has been entered, the MountFinder filters the results by type, making the selection much faster than previously possible. The MountFinder is provided by a database of thousands of displays and updated by a full time resource every day. Clicking on the selected model provides several assets, including instruction manuals, technical drawings and, most importantly, simple video instructions on how to install the mount.

Once the correct mount has been chosen, the HeightFinder tool can be used to ascertain the correct mounting position. Again, using a graphical interface, customers select the make and model of display, answer a couple of questions including the desired height from the floor for the TV and the HeightFinder works out the positon of the screw holes. This set-by-step guide includes recommendations for the mounting of the display to provide the optimum viewing position.

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