Sanus app for mount installation

Sanus has unveiled an iPhone and iPod Touch app for installation of display mounts. The Install Kit app is available for download from the iTunes App Store.

It provides display mount compatibility and installation assistance for AV installers to use on site.

The app features Sanus' MountFinder mount selection tool and HeightFinder installation assistant. With MountFinder, installers can find compatible mounts for more than 15,000 displays from a list organised alphabetically by brand and model number. Search results are categorised by mount type (full-motion, tilting, low-profile or specialty), and users are able to view complete details for each product, including features, specs and price.

Using the HeightFinder tool, installers can determine drilling hole location for installing a mount. They may also change variable information as required for more customised installations simply by providing the desired height of a displays top, centre or bottom as measured from the floor. From this information, HeightFinder provides diagrams for reference.

The ProSet Level is a calibratable spirit level so the display and the "MyNotes" notepad
allows creation and storage of notes.

Sanus Install Kit also provides demo videos, allowing installers to show customers the benefits of mounting a display, and to show them aprropriate mounts.

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