Samsung’s The Wall 2021 model now shipping

Samsung has announced the launch of its The Wall modular display, unveiling the 2021 model with 120Hz frame rates and integrated AI processing technology.

A micro AI processor is included to analyse and optimise each frame of video by using up to 16 different neural network models, capable of upscaling picture quality to 8K resolution.

The Wall features a screen that measures in at 1,000-in with 1,600 nits brightness and ultra chroma technology to produce narrow wavelengths, creating RGB colours with LEDs that are 40% smaller than previous The Wall iterations.

Wireless docking connections are included alongside a bezel-less design, enabling the display to be installed in different positions including: concave, convex, hanging, inclined and L-type.

A factory seam adjustment feature is also provided to eliminate module-by-module adjustment and can be configured horizontally for up to 16K resolution with a 15,360 x 2,160 pixel arrangement.

Additionally, micro HDR and micro motion features are included, with 20-bit processing and four picture by picture screens which allows content to be shown in 4K content simultaneously from four sources.

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