Samsung updates The Wall with 3 models at ISE 2022

Samsung added three new models of its display technology, The Wall, at ISE 2022.

The Wall (Model name: IWB) is now available in 0.63mm and 0.94mm pixel pitches, with 0.63mm being the slimmest ever pixel pitch in The Wall lineup. The new display is now available to preorder globally.

The micro pitch feature of the IWB demonstrates Samsung’s most detailed picture and dynamic range expansion with the screen’s 120Hz frame rate, HDR10/10+ and LED HDR.

Following installation, The Wall provides a variety of screen sizes, accommodating 4K movies for 110-in and up to 8K quality for 220-in to meet any consumer or business needs. This resolution capability is enhanced by the Micro AI (Artificial Intelligence) Processor, which analyzes every second of content instantly and optimises picture quality while removing noise.

The overall size of the cabinets has been increased, allowing businesses and consumers to install only four cabinets to configure the UHD screen, meaning faster and more cost-efficient operation.

The display’s improved cabinet strengthens the large, high-resolution screens and improves the mechanical quality for immersive viewing while enhancing seam adjustment. In fact, the installation time has been reduced offering significant benefits to businesses compared to conventional LED signage. 

Also being unveiled in Barcelona was The Wall All-in-One (Model name: IAB) available in three different models: 4K 146-in, 2K 146-in and 2K 110-in. The standard resolution of The Wall All-in-One is a 16:9 form factor. The product, which is only sold by screen, will be available globally following ISE 2022.

One notable feature of The Wall All-in-One is a pre-adjusted seam and a ‘Pre-Assembled Frame Kit.’ This kit, which makes the whole process akin to a consumer TV, includes the 16:9 form factor display’s internalised deco bezel and an embedded media player S-box, also lowering the total cost of ownership. 

The Wall All-in-One offers a display thinness of 49mm, which is ultimately 59mm in total installation when measured from wall to screen. This bezel-less infinity design provides a direct input connection on the screen without a separate device. 

Additionally, together with 20-bit processing, Black Seal technology and Micro AI Processor, two 4K 146-in screens can be installed side by side to create a 32:9 form factor model with a detachable feature creating an entire wall. 

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