Samsung unveils new micro LED products at ISE 2022

Samsung has introduced its range of new micro LED technology at the show, unveiling three new models of The Wall.

Samsung’s 2022 model of The Wall, the IWB model, was shown for the first time, available in Samsung’s slimmest pixel pitch offering yet for The Wall, 0.63 pixel pitch, or 0.94 pixel pitch.

The IWB includes a 120Hz frame rate, HDR10/10+ and LED HDR, with the capability to accommodate 4K movies for 110-in and up to 8K for 220-in. The display uses a Micro AI processor achieve this resolution capability, analysing every second of content and optimising picture quality and removing noise. 

Installers can now also install four cabinets to configure the UHD screen due to the increased overall size of the cabinets.


Samsung also introduced it’s the Wall All-in-One model, the IAB, offering three distinct models in 4K (146-in), 2K (146-in) and 2K (110-in) models respectively. The All-in-One model features a standard resolution of a 16:9 form factor.

The All-in-One incorporates a pre-adjusted seam and a pre-assembled frame kit, including an internalised deco bezel and an embedded media player S-box.

The display incorporates a thickness of 49mm, with a total thickness of 59mm in total installation when measured from wall to screen.

The All-in-One also incorporates 20-bit processing, Black Seal technology and a Micro AI processor, enabling two 4K 146-in screens to be installed side by side to create a 32:9 form factor model with a detachable feature.

OHA 55 outdoor display

Samsung also highlighted its 2022 outdoor line-up, highlighting its OHA 55-in and 75-in for outdoor visibility usage. Featuring IP56-rated protection, the OHA can be used in conjunction with an electric vehicle charging station, offering digital signage capabilities at charging points.

Flip Pro

Samsung also demonstrated its 2022 Flip Pro (WMB model), available in 75-in and 85-in models.

The updated Flip Pro now includes USB C connectivity for integrated video control and power (65W charging), with multi-touch features for simultaneous collaboration of up to 20 people.

The 2022 Flip Pro also adds a new control panel, brightness control sensors and four front and rear facing speakers for use in a remote or hybrid classroom environment.

Samsung’s SmartView+ app can enable up to 50 devices to be connected to the display wirelessly, enabling multi-view on up to four screens.

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