Samsung unveils ’˜frameless’ 8K displays at CES 2020

Samsung has debuted its Q950 and Q950TS QLED 8K TV, reportedly the industry’s first 8K TVs with an ‘ultra-thin’ form factor.

The Q950 features a screen-to-body ratio of almost 99% by using the Samsung ‘infinity screen’ effect, with a thickness of 15 millimetres across the entire display to create an almost ‘frameless’ appearance. The Q950, initially unveiled in a Samsung leak, can also lay flush against a wall or placed on a media stand. 

Built-in AI is included with the ‘adaptive picture’ feature, accounting for the distribution of light within a room and maintaining a clear picture and contrast in bright conditions. 

Samsung Health on TV has also been launched for the Q950, allowing users to see activities, track progress and pursue shared fitness goals, including access to free content from Calm, FitPlan, Jillian Michaels, Echelon, Obe Fitness and Barre 3. 

The Q950TS also uses the ‘infinity screen’ effect, with Samsung’s QLED 8K range including the AI quantum processor 8K, allowing for built-in 8K AI upscaling and deep-learning capabilities that can upscale non-8K content automatically to 8K resolution.  An ‘adaptive picture’ feature is also present to optimise the screen to ambient conditions and individual images. 

Playback for third party 8K content providers such as Youtube is included for both displays, using the AV1 codec for enhanced compression rates and support of HDR10+ technology, image dimensionality, brightness optimisation and contrast ratio. 

The Q950TS includes Samsung’s Q-Symphony sound feature, with both displays including object tracking sound+ (OTS+), using AI based software to match the movement of audio sound with the movement of on-screen objects, in addition to an active voice amplifier for both models. 

The TVs’ speakers can also be paired with an HQ-Q800T soundbar to operate as an additional audio channel.  

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