Samsung unleashes digital signage salvo

Samsung has announced a number of B2B display solutions that are suited to a wide variety of applications. The solutions include new hardware, new features and software developments to improve Samsung displays.

The latest line-up of monitors includes the UD590, SD590 and SD390. The28-inch UD590 is an Ultra High Definition (UHD) monitor with upscaling and picture-in-picture features. The 27-inch SD590 and the 23.6-inch SD390 on the other hand a full HD monitors, with the former have a slightly higher brightness rating of 300cd/m2 compared to the latter’s brightness of 250cd/m2.

Samsung also highlighted their second generation Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP), which is essentially a media player than has been integrated into the monitor itself hence eliminating the need for an external media player. The SSSP can also be used to program specific applications for the displays.

Additional features such as Samsung MagicIWB, which is a software package that converts touchscreen into interactive displays, are meant to appeal to the education sector. Samsung LYNK is a content management solution aimed at the hospitality sector while there is also a video wall solution for UHD large format displays meant for the retail market.

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