Samsung offers remote management platform free of charge

Samsung Electronics UK is offering its remote management platform to partners and end-users free of charge between April 1 and October 1, 2020.

The central remote service offering consists of the MagicInfo platform which works alongside a company’s CRM to offer a review of hardware and display content. This allows for remote monitoring and managing of devices, enabling content teams to update message designs and schedules from any location at any time and eliminates the need for site visits or service calls.

Screen activity and content can be reviewed and on-screen display menus managed remotely. Device setting control allows the adjustment of critical hardware settings including power on/off, volume control, input source, picture mode and time, as well as push new firmware and automate software updates. The dashboard also enables consumers to select displays or groups and review historical information.

Monitoring capabilities can detect more than 40 hardware errors within a network. It can also identify the cause, diagnose the problem and share advice with the user on how to solve the issue, without the need for a service call. Mobile access is provided.

Users can add their company logo or video file to the remote management tool. The device group code function supports automatic device grouping.

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