Samsung launches first Tizen-powered displays

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of its P-Series of displays, featuring a Tizen operating system.

In addition to being powered by Tizen, the P-Series of signage – including PHF (700nit brightness) and PMF (500nit brightness; except 32-inch display) models – will feature the manufacturer’s latest SMART Signage Platform.

The PHF (43-, 49- and 55-in) and PMF (32-, 43-, 49- and 55-in) series of displays showcase content using the SSSP 4.0’s reinforced graphics engine, offering animation performance three times better than previous SSSPs. The platform also provides greater options for uses relying on real-time audience engagement.

The displays are available with a slim-depth (29.9 mm) and narrow bezel (6.9 mm) and feature an integrated centralised infrared receiver.

Designed for an open source platform for standard web APIs, the P-Series of displays offer a cross-architecture, open source platform based on a standards-based HTML5 implementation. The displays also provide a Remote Debugging Tool and an upgraded Tizen Emulator for easier web app development.

With the addition of MagicInfo Server 4.0, users can manage their whole signage portfolio through a central remote server in real time and make adjustments on select displays or display groups from any location.

Both the PHF and PMF models are IP5X certified and designed for 24/7 operation.

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