Samsung introduces 2019 Samsung Flip

Samsung has introduced its 2019 Samsung Flip, expanding on its digital flipchart released at CES 2018.

The 2019 Samsung Flip debuted at InfoComm 2019, the successor to the 2018 Samsung Flip WM55H.

The 2019 Samsung Flip includes improvements to its writing recognition technology, providing a passive pen without internal electronic components to allow users to write on the display with the provided pen which can be replaced with other objects including a pen, pencil or small stick.

The ability to recognise the thickness of writing objects has been improved, reflecting the thickness of the writing tool on the display.

The pen mode’s ability to recognise an object’s thickness is provided with four options: thin pen, highlighter, finger eraser and palm eraser, allowing users to have an analogue meeting environment.

A brush mode is included, allowing recognition touch on the display in 1,024 levels. Brush mode allows the screen to recognise the thickness of the brush with two types of paint textures (oil painting and water painting) also being available.

The new Flip features a note-layer function to take notes on documents or pictures shown on the display, with a selection tool and merge to roll functions for image editing that allows an illustration to be cut out, pasting the cut-out images onto a roll.

Support for mobile devices, PC or USB is supported, with function icons available to send data from third party devices with a ‘to-mobile’ function, with users able to check completed work from the Flip on a mobile device without sending the data through email.

A screen share function is included, with the option for wireless connection or a screen share terminal to be used, connecting two displays using an HDMI cable.

A remote PC function is featured, providing users access to desktop or laptop computers from the Flip to view or edit data or load documents from a user’s personal cloud space using Microsoft OneDrive, Office 365 and Web Browser.

The 2019 Samsung Flip can be wall mounted from the back, with magnet brackets installed on all four corners to prevent movement.

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