Samsung certifies VuWall videowall controllers with The Wall

Samsung has announced a new videowall processor certification program, naming VuWall as the first videowall processor manufacturer to attain the certification.

The certification program, developed by Samsung to ensure interoperability with the company’s MicroLED technology, The Wall, verifies that VuWall’s VuScape videowall controller is optimised to operate with The Wall. The program aims to facilitate control room design, deployment and operations to provide seamless integration and operation, while delivering a fully optimised visualisation experience.  

Developed by Samsung, the certification process tests critical functions and integrations, providing peace of mind when selecting a certified videowall processor with The Wall.

 In addition to signal compatibility, the certification also verifies the ability to manage non-standard resolutions, aspect ratios and communications with The Wall, while maintaining picture quality and control over image parameters such as brightness and contrast. 

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